Balcurvie Riding School The Holdings, Windygates, Fife KY8 5RZ


  • Age: 01/01/05

  • Gender: Gelding

  • Color: Bay

  • Breed: Dartmoor

Woody is a lovely pony.

Woody will always try his best for you in a lesson or a hack.

Suitable for all levels of rider.


  • Age: 28/3/94

  • Gender: Gelding

  • Color: Bay

  • Breed:¬†Cleaveland bay x thoroughbred

Harvey is our Biggest horse.

He is a gentle giant who takes care of any



  • Age: 23/5/2008

  • Gender: Mare

  • Color: Black

  • Breed: Welsh Section A

A Gorgeous girl, Missy loves to take kids out on hacks.

She also likes her Lessons.

Good for all ages of Kids.


  • Age: 5/4/2004

  • Gender: Gelding

  • Color: Grey

  • Breed: Welsh C X Connemara

Willow good for any rider and Willow can teach you to ride, he might even show you his party trick.


  • Age: 4/4/1993

  • Gender: Mare

  • Color: Strawberry Roan

  • Breed: Welsh C X Highland

Rosie is a lovely pony to ride.

Like sitting on a comfy armchair Rosie is so good for lessons and hacks.

She even changes colour with the seasons as her show name is chop and change.


  • Age: 1/8/2010

  • Gender: Mare

  • Color: Skrewball

  • Breed: Gypsey Cob

Crystal is a lovely cob who is good at jumping and will learn the advanced kids even more skills.


  • Age: 11/6/2009

  • Gender: Mare

  • Color: PieBald

  • Breed: Large Gypsey Cob

Angel is a stunning Gypsey Cob who is good at lessons and loves hacking out.

She is great for adults and kids alike and watch for her checking your pockets for a tasty treat.


  • Age: 4/6/2000

  • Gender: Gelding

  • Color: Black

  • Breed: Shetland pony

Cyrus is the most bomb proof pony in the world.

Fantastic for small kids first time riding a pony.

He love’s the slow life.

Excellent for the small 20 min trek.


  • Age: 27/4/1997

  • Gender: Mare

  • Color: Chestnut

  • Breed: Irish Draught X Welsh D

April is good for any adult/kid from beginner to experienced.

April is a chilled out girl.


  • Age: 20/7/96

  • Gender: Mare

  • Color: Grey

  • Breed: Welsh Section A

Spirit love’s kids and can do lesson’s or hacks/treks.

A cute little pony with manners to match.


  • Age: 11/5/2005

  • Gender: Gelding

  • Color: Black

  • Breed: Shetland pony

Bailey is a cheeky wee chap with a heart of gold.

Love’s taking tiny totts for a short trek and good for first time lessons too.

Wee have 3 black shetlands and they are fantastic for first time riders having thier birthday party at the yard.


  • Age: 1/7/1995

  • Gender: Gelding

  • Color: Black

  • Breed: Shetland pony

Bertie hes our third cheeky Shetland.

Bertie is great for any child to go on thier first trek.


  • Age: 1/1/2013

  • Gender: Mare

  • Color: Skrewbald

  • Breed: Gypsey Cob

Indie our baby.

Indie maybe the youngest but she is very mature.

Loves lessons jumping and hacking.

Suits most riders.


  • Age: 23/6/04

  • Gender: Gelding

  • Color: Bay

  • Breed: TB X Connemara X Irish Draft

Todd is a great all rounder.

He is a loving natured horse.


  • Age: 28/5/92

  • Gender: Mare

  • Color: Grey

  • Breed: Welsh Section A

Skye is a great wee pony.

She loves to take care of kids in the arena.

Give her a try.

  • Age: 03/06/11

  • Gender: Colt

  • Color: Palamino

  • Breed: Welsh Section B